#MakeYourOwnFilmCamera Workshop by Gosh!

Gosh! Kids has been around for 3 months now, and we did our very first workshop for ALL AGES last sunday. (:

Gosh! is an artist collaboration with my fellow artist friend Joshua (@justjoshtan). we specialise in pop-up workshops for children but well yea, yesterday's situation was abit special. it turned out to be a family day party, and it was great fun!! (:

here, they learnt to make their very own working film camera (yes, its possible! πŸ˜‰) film cameras are sadly, a fast dying trend, and i am happy that we had an opportunity to impart "old school" knowledge to the kids and parents. 

im excited for whats next at Gosh! and if you are excited for us too, you can follow our journey at our facebook & instagram. ⬅️ (just click on link)