rusty hands, rusty head

self discipline has alwaysss been the hardest part for me. this week i found myself pushing myself to limits and seeing meself do more than what i think me can do. 

i started my day later than usual today, feeding myself with the "oh theres always tomorrow to do better" demons. but NO i made a decision to push them away (in the name of jesus) and did a whole 1hr workout lap instead; reason why these thighs are really killing me right now. GOOD JOB GLAD, GREAT JOB!! 

ive always wanted to get back to the grind of illustrating. something that i was really good at 5yrs back when i was still a student and a wheebit in the brain. now i am literally a rusty old soul.. but okay, i shall give you a 5cents credit for trying. GOOD JOB GLAD, GREAT JOB!! 


yes, i was talking to me. sorry, dont mind. x