Baby Poof

i met Ozeo yesterday during a session at Playeum. this guy is an artist. Ozeo made Baby Poof (cardboard robot on his hand). Baby Poof is a robot and spits glue at bad humans. He also has a "teddy bear". Ozeo took awhile to figure out what could make a good "baby-sized" teddy bear for Baby Poof. We tried putting seeds together, but Ozeo claimed that they were too small for Baby Poof to cuddle with so he settled for a twig. (yes the twig like thing on the robot's right arm)

well this is probably one of the reasons why i love working with kids. they are an inspiration to me because they are so true to who they are and what they believe. sometimes not believing in yourself can make life as an artist tougher than it already is.

so much to learn Glad, so much to learn. ✨


thank you Ozeo x