cant believe im now engaged and a fiancΓ© to my bestfriend. πŸ’“ 

rusty hands, rusty head

self discipline has alwaysss been the hardest part for me. this week i found myself pushing myself to limits and seeing meself do more than what i think me can do. 

i started my day later than usual today, feeding myself with the "oh theres always tomorrow to do better" demons. but NO i made a decision to push them away (in the name of jesus) and did a whole 1hr workout lap instead; reason why these thighs are really killing me right now. GOOD JOB GLAD, GREAT JOB!! 

ive always wanted to get back to the grind of illustrating. something that i was really good at 5yrs back when i was still a student and a wheebit in the brain. now i am literally a rusty old soul.. but okay, i shall give you a 5cents credit for trying. GOOD JOB GLAD, GREAT JOB!! 


yes, i was talking to me. sorry, dont mind. x


a couple of favs for ByInviteOnly store:  

check their latest collection out at @byinviteonlystore.  

venue: trix's home :>

Today's agenda

visited this home for a shoot with @byinviteonlystore this afternoon. trixie has got the most amazing house ever!!Β  just the right amount of b&ws and potted greenery. literally everything in it looks good in pictures 😍 



Baby Poof

i met Ozeo yesterday during a session at Playeum. this guy is an artist. Ozeo made Baby Poof (cardboard robot on his hand). Baby Poof is a robot and spits glue at bad humans. He also has a "teddy bear". Ozeo took awhile to figure out what could make a good "baby-sized" teddy bear for Baby Poof. We tried putting seeds together, but Ozeo claimed that they were too small for Baby Poof to cuddle with so he settled for a twig. (yes the twig like thing on the robot's right arm)

well this is probably one of the reasons why i love working with kids. they are an inspiration to me because they are so true to who they are and what they believe. sometimes not believing in yourself can make life as an artist tougher than it already is.

so much to learn Glad, so much to learn. ✨


thank you Ozeo x Β 

fabric mess @ playeum


#MakeYourOwnFilmCamera Workshop by Gosh!

Gosh! Kids has been around for 3 months now, and we did our very first workshop for ALL AGES last sunday. (:

Gosh! is an artist collaboration with my fellow artist friend Joshua (@justjoshtan). we specialise in pop-up workshops for children but well yea, yesterday's situation was abit special. it turned out to be a family day party, and it was great fun!! (:

here, they learnt to make their very own working film camera (yes, its possible! πŸ˜‰) film cameras are sadly, a fast dying trend, and i am happy that we had an opportunity to impart "old school" knowledge to the kids and parents. 

im excited for whats next at Gosh! and if you are excited for us too, you can follow our journey at our facebook & instagram. ⬅️ (just click on link) 



Nylon July 2016

**milestone achieved** - font size 10pts, century gothic is better than nothing.  πŸ˜˜

thank you @ceszhang for the free mag

thank you @ceszhang for the free mag

Keep Tryin'

I love you Amanda Jasnowski. #life #is #tough #as #a #selfemployed

source: www.instagram.com/hokaytokay - Amanda Jasnowski 

source: www.instagram.com/hokaytokay - Amanda Jasnowski